virtuals head butts for lady B

remember babli, the spirited yourg lady whose heart was fixed and who was to rejoin school this term well, we forgot that oh darling yeh hai India!

I almost fell off my chair when i asked on July 10th was to me should have been a redundant question: is babli in school?

Well not quite was the answer as the mother said the could not afford to take a day off as she would lose her wage and her budget would go haywire, the father or what goes by the name said he could not leave the bottle/deck-of-cards duo and poor Ramu, was not being taken seriously by the school seriously, and the school said unless a family member came...

At that moment I understood Zizous' infamous head butt because I was ready to deal out hundreds starting with one to my own staff but the half of century on planet earth stood by me, and taking a deep breath I realised that the first thing was to get lady b in school before the anti diluvian system would tell me that i was one nano second too late, never mind the child was a heart surgery survivor!

So I simply asked how much was the daily earning of the mother, making a mental note for a special butt for the employer, and asked my teacher in a sweet voice to inform the mother to take the next day off and go to school to do the needful!

I had not given babli a new heart to see her end her life on the streets or cleaning ustentils in a home till she was married at a tender age to an old man repeating the destiny of her mother...

Much had to be done, much remained to be explained, and above all priorities. What had happened here is that babli's mom did not understand priorities, and was so blinded by her day-to-day needs that she could not see her daughter's future. The same applied to the staff whose ire could not see that first one had to get lady b in school as a simple day's wage was nothing compared to all that we had invested in the child!

So I guess the first head butt comes to lady B! the big one... me