a smile lost forever

Yesterday the God of Lesser beings reclaimed what was rightfully his: Nanhe's smile. Yes, you heard it right little Nanhe is no more with us, he left for a better world taking his smile with him. I still do not know how I will make it through today and days to come, I had got addicted to his smile.

And yet we all knew that this smile was in custody and never rightfully ours. Over the past 5 years we have feared for it many many times, fought for it and felt relieved each time it has come back to us. And he too held on to his smile no matter what, and came back as if on cue to light our lives and made us forget how fragile it really was.

Over the past five years Nanhe and his smile have defied every rule in the book, every doctor's prognostic and stood firm. And though we knew he had no tomorrows, he made us believe that he had many and we did believe him. Even when we were told that he needed a brand new kidney and logic screamed that the end was near. He simply survived every challenge and was back with his smile. With him miracles were every day occurrences! Nanhe simply defied every obstacle that came his way,

The last few weeks had been relatively uneventful: some sniffles, a bout of indigestion - normal for one who loves samosas -! Last week he had a nasty fall in his home but he was back his smile in place looking a little lopsided amidst the bruises and stitches. He was in class two days back, looking his usual happy self. It is only yesterday that he did not come and we thought nothing of it. How were we to know that finally the God of Lesser Beings would decide this was the day to reclaim what had always been rightfully His.

Mornings will never be the same. I will never be greeted by that very special blessed smile that made me believe that nothing was impossible and that miracles did happen.

I am lost.