happy birthday mr p


It is mr popples 4th birthday.. what a lovely boy he has become.. abrave heart in more ways than one.. i still remember the first time I met him, when even the men in white had given up on him.. but when I looked into his eyes filled with pain, I saw life.. and instantly fell in love..


utpal a.k.a mr p., popples, pepere and outpal to his french fans was a force to reckon with, and a great lesson in survival.. in the last three years he had to suffer third degree burns, double pneumonia, accute hepatitis A, and he never gave up..

somewhere uptal is an old soul bringing solace and lifting you up when you are down. making you laugh on the day you are blue.

But what touches me the most in this little fellow is his love for his mom, one that hits the bottle and then him, one that is the cause of fights and abuse and often an wmbarassment, but one he bravely protects and loves unconditionally..

I have often shared my utpal moments on this blog but here they, if you care to know more about this two and half feet miracle

where is the soap
as the snake waits in the wings
back to his hole
7 days on a planet
there is fish and rice
games adult play
rarely is love instant
there are no invitation cards